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VU2SPF has designed the circuits and PCB. which you can build / produce, home brew style. The second method is to use a display, and Adafruit Si5351 DDS board and a modified Atmega 2560. Using this method you can plug the display directly into the Atmega. Next you add strip sockets to the rear pins of the atmega..

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The second problem is that these DDS chips must be interfaced to a microcontroller that provides that frequency programmability. A 40-bit control word must be loaded into the DDS chip to command it to generate a specific frequency. There are many projects around that control a DDS chip with a PIC, an Atmel controller, a

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In one of my earlier videos I described making cheap Arduino DDS VFO with AD9850 module. DDS Vfo.

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The transmit modules have mostly been built. For the VFO, I used the Si5351 device which is very popular, although not an ideal choice in a hi-performance rig. Later, I think I will move to the AD9951 DDS chip as I have made a PCB for it and have the chip in the junk box, from Picastar builds.

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The following documents what I've learned in adapting the IQPro DDS VFO for use as an external VFO for the Drake TR7 transceiver. The ultimate goal is to replace the TR7 internal PTO with the IQPro, but using the TR7's existing RV7 interface was an attractive first step since it required no modifications to the TR7 at all.

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The I/Q DDS is a complete AD9851 DDS, Micro controller, and basic software to produce a simple I/Q DDS signal generator, that can also be used as a VFO for a simple SDR I/Q Radio project. The I/Q DDS is suitable for the very popular Softrock and is easily connected to the I/Q inputs on the FST3253 switching mixer.

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Hubungkan sumber sinyal oscillator LC, oscillator kristal, DDS atau sejenisnya ke jack input; dan antenna atau Input VFO saya gunakan DDS AD9850 dan amplifier audio menggunakan TA7368.

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Nov 02, 2008 · VFO : I have used DDS VFO using AD9851 along with PIC16F628 in up conversion mode to cover 80 to 10 Mtrs bands in one set and in another set a pre mixed heterodyne VFO is used to reduce the cost of the transceiver. If one wish to operate on single band, can use simple colpits oscillator such as RM96 VFO which is very stable in operation.

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Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)-- This time we pick up with the popular "Analyze This!" series again with a dissection and analysis of the very popular DDS circuits that serve as Local Oscillators in many of our homebrew projects these days.

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Dec 20, 2020 · Richard Visokey, AD7C, has a nice design for a 1 Mhz to 40 MHz VFO that uses the AD9850 DDS; an Arduino and a 1602 LCD Display. The unit is controlled by a rotarty encoder with it's internal push button switch (2013-Mar-25 rev 1.0). This page will follow that design and address the Arduino in general.

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Jul 18, 2011 · 10 meters 12 volts 15 meters 2 meters 2009 2010 2011 2011 LoL lisp quicklisp 2200 meters 28.188MHz 2n3904 30 meters 40 meters 4017 555 6924 74hc04 80 meters accesspoint adelaide advanced license advocacy af amp AHARS amateur radio amplifier anniversary antenna arduino AREG atom audio auth authentication autoelectrical B.a.t.m.a.n. beacon bgp ...
Si5351 Gpsdo - gafu.consorzioagrariocomo.it ... Si5351 Gpsdo
Jul 24, 2014 · The HF dual VFO DDS consists of a PIC16 F628A micro controller and an AD9850 DDS module. The PIC16F628A programs the AD9850 DDS module with the frequency, as selected by the encoder. The AD9850 module has all SMD filter components on board and delivers a well filtered pure sine wave output of 1 volt peak to peak.
The 20M rig has been updated using a DDS for the VFO (kit from N3ZI with homebrew buffer amp) and have added a PC/Sound Card interface so I can use FT8, MSK, etc. Here are pictures of the front after adding the DDS, a picture of the DDS, and the PC interface that I installed. The red bezel covers the larger hole used for the old display.
18 dB LT1253 DDS Amplifier by K8IQY ... I decided that it would be great to have VFO control, rather than crystal control. ... Harry's Homebrew Homepages.

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The DDS VFO output is very clean thanks to Jim's use of 2 filter stages on the VFO board and a large toroidal matching transformer on the output of the driver amp board. I've viewed the signal on my oscilloscope and the waveform looks perfect, with some minor distortion beginning well above 21Mhz.
Jul 14, 2008 · At the heart of the DDS VFO is an Analogue Devices AD9850, a 28 lead SSOP surface mount chip, with the frequency being controlled from a 16f628 PIC IC. An Etched PCB is highly recommended to aid soldering. In fact this was my first attempt at surface mount soldering. The external VFO is based on a 1990s vintage A&A Engineering Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) board driving a NE5205N 20dB buffer amplifier IC. The VFO has frequency agility, excellent stability and low phase noise. It produces a chirp-free signal. The transmitter's keying input is opto-isolated and is driven by a TTL-level keyer.