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HAM airgun pellet Ballistic Coefficients were all generated by shooting a sample of 10 un-selected pellets straight from the tin. The built-in pellet database in ChairGun shows that the JSB Exact King carries a ballistic coefficient of 0.0360. After entering velocity of 1,032 feet per second, sight height...

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We began to see airguns that could be both powerful and efficient, and shooters began opting for the heavy-for-diameter pellets like the JSB King Heavy and Monster Redesigns. The word “Ballistic Coefficient” began to be thrown around more, but I realised that most people had no idea just how poor the BC of even the heaviest diabolo pellet ...

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These pellets are designed for precision long-range shooting. They are excellent at transferring kinetic energy to the target. Each pellet weighs 33,49 grains (2,170 g) and has a ballistic coefficient of 0.092. Airgun Pellets 6,35mm (0.25) JSB Exact King Lead Free 6,35mm 150pcs

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These pellets are designed for precision long-range shooting. They are excellent at transferring kinetic energy to the target. Each pellet weighs 33,49 grains (2,170 g) and has a ballistic coefficient of 0.092. Airgun Pellets 6,35mm (0.25) JSB Exact King Heavy 6,35mm 300pcs

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A bullet's ballistic coefficient is calculated by a model based off its density and shape. A bullet's BC will differ depending on whether the G1 or G7 drag model is used. We have discussed how gravity and wind are the two main variables that affect your bullet's path.

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For example, the ballistic coefficient of a pellet might not be that important for air gun enthusiasts who participate in competitive shooting however for hunters, this is a big deal. Hence it is good that you experiment and invest on a wider variety of pellets if you have plans on taking on different shooting tasks.

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FX introduces their most recent airgunning innovation with these FX Hybrid Slugs. Featuring enhanced accuracy and with the best characteristics of standard pellets and swaged slugs, these have superior expansion, weigh less, and have a high ballistic coefficient, in addition to working across a broad swath of airguns.

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Pellets manufactured by JSB with EDgun standards. Premium quality. Caliber: .35 (9,0 mm)Weight: 5,25 grams (81,02 grains)Ballistic coefficient: BC · 0,056Number of pellets per tin: 100 pellets We offer proven... View product details »

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Description. JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Diabolo The company’s best seller. It is absolutely the most popular ammunition at present. The weight has been designed so that it agrees with most of the FT air rifles on the market.

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JSB Exact - 0.177 - 0.547grams (8.44 grains) (BC 0.022) JSB Exact Express - 0.177 - 0.512grams (7.90 grains) (BC 0.021) JSB Exact Heavy - 0.177 - 0.667grams (10.30 grains) (BC 0.030) JSB Match Pi - 0.177 - 0.473grams (7.30 grains) (BC Unknown - Please submit) JSB Match Pu - 0.177 - 0.518grams (8.00 grains) (BC Unknown - Please submit)

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Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is basically a measure of how streamlined a bullet is; that is, how well it cuts through the air. But the more streamlined bullets have a higher ballistic coefficient. They are the ones to choose for long range shooting where a flatter trajectory is important.
Internal ballistics (what happens inside a weapon propelling a projectile), and external ballistics (the flight of the projectile after it leaves the weapon) are well known sciences. In fact, knowing just a few basics like velocity, the BC (Ballistic Coefficient), and the SD (Sectional Density) of the projectile, along with the ambient ...
Sadly, the JSB pellets grouped so widely that some even missed the entire 8x10 target. I understand that each air rifle must get used to new pellets, but this was so out of the expected range that I will probably never shoot them again.
Chairgun shows that JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo pellets retain as much as 70% of their initial Kinetic Energy out to nearly 48 Yards downrange. Again, a benefit of the relatively high Ballistic Coefficient. This good energy retention makes these pellets suitable for hunting at medium to long ranges. Technical information:.22 calibre; 5.52mm head size
JSB Exact Jumbo Beast .22 33.956 grains Grouping and Ballistic Coefficient, HW100 FAC 48 Joules

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The ballistic coefficient of the pellet determines its knockdown power because the higher the value is, the greater the energy that it exerts. Pointed bullets have a significant ballistic coefficient and deliver high penetration capability. Most Accurate Pellets .177.
Pellets: Suggested for: Target practice/Fun: Weight: 7.33gr: Ammo Shape: Head Size: 4.52 mm: Length: 5.25 mm: Quantity: 500: Ballistic Coefficient: 0.021 A measure of the potential to retain velocity. Changes as velocity changes. A pellet or bullet with a high BC (a large number) will continue to fly much longer than a pellet or bullet with a ... Medium-weight, accurate hunting pellet for medium ranges. High impact with excellent expansion and high penetration. Controlled deformation. Smooth with tapered tip. You can find the ballistic coefficient and the energy values at different distances here! Weight 0.47g / 7.25gr. Diameter 4.50mm / .177. Recommended minimum muzzle energy 7.5J / 5 ...